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Annual WOF

How's your roof? What about the windows, any rot around the woodwork?
Is there a bit of mould build up your dwelling? And what about under the house? Who goes under there?

Award Inspections are here to help! We can provide a comprehensive Warrant of Fitness report for your home, bach or rental property.

For only $200 + GST per year you get peace of mind, knowing your property has had an annual checkup.

  • Comprehensive report
  • Advice on how to fix any issues
  • Moisture testing

Methamphetamine Testing also available from $179 + GST.

We have a wealth of knowledge on weather tightness, cladding, structure and leaky building syndrome.

What sort of things do we check?

  • Is the house secure
  • Is the house structurally sound
  • Is the hot water at the correct temperature
  • Are the smoke alarms adequate / working
  • Are the decks and handrails safe & secure
  • Are there any leaks or water damage inside your walls
  • Does it have adequate insulation
  • Are there any electrical or plumbing problems

Click here to view sample report

Book an annual WOF for your home, bach or rental - in the long run it saves you money by identifying problems early and having an annual record of checks can increase the value of your property if you decide to sell and assist with any insurance claims if hidden issues do arise.